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Cyprus: An Island Blessed with Sacred History

Embark on a spiritual journey to Cyprus, an island replete with Christian history and heritage. From the serene monasteries in the Troodos Mountains to the ancient churches dotting the landscape, Cyprus offers a unique blend of religious significance and Mediterranean beauty.


South Cyprus: Tracing the Apostolic Journey

Apostle Paul's Footsteps

Explore the St. Paul's Pillar in Paphos, where the Apostle Paul was said to have been flogged.
Monastic Life

Visit the famous Kykkos Monastery, known for its rich icons and relics, including a piece of the Holy Cross.
Ancient Churches

Discover UNESCO World Heritage sites, such as the Painted Churches in the Troodos Region, showcasing Byzantine artistry.


North Cyprus: A Mosaic of Cultures and Faiths

Bellapais Abbey

Explore the tranquil remains of Bellapais Abbey in Kyrenia, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture, reflecting the island's rich historical tapestry.
St. Barnabas Monastery

Discover the Monastery of St. Barnabas near Famagusta, dedicated to the Cypriot saint who played a pivotal role in the early Christian Church. 
Religious Crossroads

Delve into the intertwining histories of Christianity and Islam on the island, evident in its diverse religious landmarks and cultural heritage.


Christian Landmarks and Pilgrimage Sites

Church of Saint Lazarus, Larnaca

Visit the church built over the reputed tomb of Lazarus, who, according to tradition, lived in Cyprus after his resurrection.
Chrysorrogiatissa Monastery

Renowned for its wine production, this monastery is nestled in the Paphos mountains, offering a blend of spiritual and cultural experiences.

Customize your pilgrimage

  • Tailored Itineraries: Our team works with you to create a journey that meets your spiritual and exploratory desires.

  • Accommodation and Transportation: We can arrange options ranging from basic lodgings in monastic guesthouses to comfortable hotels, as well as take care of details on getting around.

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