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Embarking on Journeys of Faith and Discovery

Join us on a pilgrimage beyond borders, where every step is a journey through history and every destination a chapter in the story of faith.

Global Prayer Initiatives provides planning and logistical support for spiritually enriching travel experiences that connect pilgrims with the historical roots of Christianity across Egypt, Türkiye, and Cyprus.



Embark on a journey through Egypt, where the desert sands whisper ancient Christian tales. From the sacred monasteries of Wadi El-Natroun to the spiritual havens in Upper Egypt and the serene coasts of the Red Sea, each step in this land is a walk through history and faith.



Journey through Turkey, a land where ancient Christian history is etched into every stone and valley. From the mystical landscapes of Cappadocia to the biblical significance of Ephesus and the historical depths of Istanbul, explore the enduring legacy of Christianity in these lands.



Embark on a spiritual journey to Cyprus, an island replete with Christian history and heritage. From the serene monasteries in the Troodos Mountains to the ancient churches dotting the landscape, Cyprus offers a unique blend of religious significance and Mediterranean beauty.

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