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Global Prayer Initiatives

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Global Prayer Initiatives is committed to developing and supporting prayer leadership in the global church. 

We are a resource for Christian leaders who are passionate about prayer and seeking to deepen their impact in their communities and beyond.

We believe that prayer is a foundational part of Jesus’ commandment to us to “make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:18-20).


We are dedicated to partnering with Christian leaders from all over the world.

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Cultivating Prayer Leadership


GPI has over 30 years of experience in developing and supporting prayer leadership across the globe, with a particular focus on the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. We have worked with Christian leaders and organizations from diverse backgrounds and denominations, equipping and mentoring them to raise up prayer movements that can transform communities and nations.


Our expertise in cultivating prayer leadership includes organizing and leading prayer gatherings, teaching about prayer in live venues and online courses, and empowering Christian organizations to initiate and lead prayer initiatives. We also help develop online prayer communities, distribute prayer materials and conduct research on the historic role of prayer in the church.

"The prayer power has never been tried to its full capacity. If we want to see mighty wonders of divine power and grace wrought in the place of weakness, failure, and disappointment, let us answer God's standing challenge, 'Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not!'" - Hudson Taylor, “A Retrospect” (1905)

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